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Herring Spawn Great Time To Catch Bass

Change affects everything and bass fishing is certainly no exception. You can often tell the age of a long time bass fisherman on one of our South Carolina lakes based on what factors he considers to describe the “good old days”. Some say the good old days were back when willow bushes were found... Read More

Does South Carolina Need More Catfish Conservation Measures?

Carolina state-record blue catfish on April 1, breaking a record that has stood for more than two decades. Haney was fishing with her husband Steve Haney in Lake Moultrie last Saturday when the big fish took the bait. The Haney’s are not what you might consider casual catfish anglers. Steve has... Read More

Fluctuating Weather Patterns Not Helping Turkey Hunters

Upstate turkey hunters have anticipated the arrival of the 2017 spring turkey season ever since the sun set on January 1, ending last year’s whitetail deer season. The mostly mild weather and overall lack of cold temperatures created a situation that many hunters feared- that of an early breeding... Read More

Growing Trophy Largemouth Bass

March is the time of year when deer hunters who have taken a trophy deer can have the deer rack officially scored. Several deer from South Carolina will make the state record books and a few may even make the coveted Boone & Crockett books. Unlike trophy deer, South Carolina has a better than... Read More

Use These Top Turkey Hunting Tips To Bag That Gobbler

With less than 3 weeks to go before the Opening Bell of the 2017 wild turkey season, the warm spring like conditions that have been experienced across the Upstate are making turkey hunters anxious. Thanks to some recent legislation, Opening Day this year will fall on Monday, March 20 on private... Read More

Suburban Upland Game Hunting

Before Big Game hunting of whitetail deer and Eastern wild turkey became the flagship species for hunters in the southeastern United States, bobwhite quail was king. Back in the days when boys used to roll up into the high school parking lot with shotguns perched in gun racks in the back window of... Read More

Patterning Fish During A Mild Winter

When Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog weather forecaster, made his prognostication of six more weeks of winter by seeing his shadow, many anglers had trouble begrudging him his prediction. After all, the winter of 2016 – 2017 has to date, meant regular days in the 60’s and 70’s along with... Read More

No Shortage of Hunting Opportunities During "Off-Season"

Many Upstate hunters lament the months of January, February, and March as the “off-season” of hunting after deer season has ended on January 1. The winter duck season does assist until January 29, still leaving a long seven week hiatus until turkey season opens on March 20 on private lands across... Read More

State House Making Attempts At Regulating Deer Dog Hunting

Legislation would only affect Game Zones 3 and 4 in the Low Country A little over a year ago, this column reported an incident that occurred in Horry County where the carcass of a hunting dog was discovered hanging on the entrance gate of a hunting club with a handwritten sign indicating the dog... Read More

Ice Fishing Southern Style

Despite anyone’s lingering feelings over the extreme cold temperatures suffered last week-end during what meteorologist called “Winter Storm Helena”, our local lakes and reservoirs around the Upstate of South Carolina rarely freeze over and if they do, it’s never to the extent that anglers would... Read More